Rental guide

Car rental | The smart way

1. Required Documents

The general conditions of car rental may differ from service provider to service provider, it is generally necessary:

2. Insurances

Types of rental car insurance in brief:

3. Check at handing

Pay special attention when receiving the rental car:

4. clarify any damage

When handing over the rental car, the most important aspect is to clarify any new damage, it is best to check the condition of the rental car with the rental staff and record that no new damage occurred during the rental period and the fuel tank is full.

5. schedule

1 rental day 24 hours from the receipt of the car – if e.g. The rental starts at 15.30, then the next day the 15th day expires at 15.30 – after which another rental day will be charged.

6. Extra services

Extra services for a fee:

7. Technical fault, accident

During the rental period, notify the car rental company’s customer service immediately of any abnormal events affecting the car (technical fault, explosion, new damage, accident, etc.) so that they can help us. Repairing, saving, or replacing a rental car is usually the responsibility of the car rental, which is also included in the rental agreement.